Using Our Money to Create the World We Want

I want create and live in a world that is environmentally sustainable, socially just, that values respect, compassion and peace.  I want our human family to flourish with the rest of our earth family.  I want the resources of this earth to be valued, protected, and restored.  I want to leave a healthy earth and human family to my children and my grandchildren.

Frankly, I don’t know quite how to make that happen.  But I do know that I can make decisions that support my view of the world.  I can do that by using my money to create the world I want to live in and share with my family.  Is it easy?  No, not always, the challenges and the complexities can be overwhelming.

But if we use our money, that is “vote” with our dollars, we find that our “money talks”.  The way we earn, spend, save and invest our money are statements about what we value and what we care about.  It can be the ways you provide daily needs for your family (did you buy local or from an online store?).  It can be the way you donate money for causes you value.  Money can be used to invest in yourself, your creativity or education.  It can be support your neighbors, your family, your community, or your business.  We each have the ability to contribute to a vision of the world we want to live in and the world we want to create.  How are you using your money to take a stand?

I invite you to join me on this very interesting journey.  Please join me on the Facebook Group: Conscious Money.  You can also contact me here.

Genevieve Mitchell is a money catalyst and a socially conscious investor.   She is committed to a world of economic justice, environmental sustainability and respect for all members of the earth community.  She lives with her husband in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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