Starting Where You Are With Money

We all have money beliefs, money stories, money fears and money challenges.  As a friend of mine said, “Everybody has got money stuff”.  But that doesn’t need to stop us from taking action, or healing our money pain.

Where are you about money right now?  Think about it, breathe, come back into your body, breathe some more and just accept what is right now.  Don’t try and change it, don’t judge it, don’t beat yourself up because of your current situation.  Just be where you are right now.  Remember, you are spiritual being, having a real world experience with money.  Its there a way for you to be kind to yourself as you walk this path?

We all have the tendency to push ourselves to be better, keep track of our money, quit spending so much, put more toward our credit card payment, look up our credit score.  I know, I’ve been there.  Certainly, those are good things to do.  AND, can we be kind, compassionate and gentle with ourselves as we approach our money.  Can we just accept what is, right now.  Let’s pause, breathe, accept what is, THEN move on to action.

Here are a couple of good resources to begin to work with your money and being compassionate.

Radical Acceptance- Embracing Your Life with the Heart of the Buddha by Tara Brach.

Forgiveness Meditation by Jack Kornfield.

Blessings on your money journey!


Genevieve Chavez Mitchell is a student of Money, Life and Divine Mystery, .  She has followed her own spiritual path which includes using her resources to create a more just, sustainable, life affirming world and celebrating the Divine Feminine in everyone.  She is the co-author of  Prayers to the Goddess:  A Moon Cycle Devotion available at Goddess Ink , on Amazon or at your local bookstore.   She is a partner with the independent press Goddess Ink.  Genevieve is a money catalyst, a priestess, photographer, a wife, mother and grandmother.  She lives with her husband in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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