Earn, Spend, Save to Create a New World

Financial Literacy according to Wikipedia is “the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. In other words, being financially literate means that you are educated and understand how money is made, spent, saved and invested. This allows you to take responsible action for your personal, family, community and global goals.

Resource Links


https://www.360financialliteracy.org/ A Free Program of the American
Institute of CPAs.  Topics include:

https://www.federalreserveeducation.org/ – A free program of the Federal Reserve  Topics include money, personal finance, economics and others.

https://www.mymoney.gov/ – A federal program to promote wise financial behavior.   Designed for educators, adults and youth.

https://www.clevergirlfinance.com/course-packages/ – Free financial literacy courses.

https://www.annuity.org/financial-literacy/ – Carefully researched financial education resources.



https://consumer.ftc.gov/credit-loans-and-debt/credit-and-debt – Federal Trade Commission resources

https://www.nfcc.org/  – The National Foundation on Credit CounselingGet free or low-cost counseling to help you get out of a financial crisis or improve your money management.  Call 1-800-388-2227.

https://fcaa.org/  – The Financial Counseling Association of America- a professional organization of financial counselors.

https://www.traviswalkerlaw.com/25-steps-for-estate-planning/ – 25 Steps for Estate Planning


https://simple.money/ Digital magazine


 https://storyofstuff.org/ A informative, engaging series on how we deal with Stuff, and how too much of it is not a good thing.

If the world were 100 people.

Wealth Inequality



https://www.pachamama.org/ Their vision is of a world that works for everyone: an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.  They have wonderful educational programs available online.

http://www.publicbankinginstitute.org/ Focusing on the social and economic benefits of public banking.

http://www.faireconomy.org/ – Because inequality hurts everyone.

https://slowmoney.org/ – Slow Money Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to catalyzing the flow of capital to local food systems, connecting investors to the places where they live and promoting new principles of fiduciary responsibility that “bring money back down to earth.”

https://bealocalist.org/  – The Business Alliancce for Local Living Economies (BALLE), is a collaborative effort of communities, entrrepreneurs, investors and funders who are working to create local economies that work for everyone.


Impact: What if  A Musical- A fun musical view of using money for a better world

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMwlyV0G0A0  Super Soul Conversations – EP.#161: Charles Eisenstein: A More Beautiful World Is Possible

  The Story of Stuff Solutions.  Great summary of the economy and solutions

  Riane Eisler, A Caring Economic System

  Lynn Twist talk on The Soul of Money at Wisdom 2.0



https://www.investor.gov/  Tools and information about investing by the Securities and Exchange Commission

https://investwithvalues.com/  Invest with Values is a resource for investors learning to align their money with their values in ways that generate financial return along with positive social and environmental change.

https://rsfsocialfinance.org/  RSF Social Finance is an opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to meet their mission which is that  “We envision a world in which money serves the highest intentions of the human spirit and contributes to an economy based on generosity and interconnectedness 

https://www.kiva.org/ Kiva:  Loans that change lives.  Kiva allows anyone to become an investor.  For as little as $25, anyone can give a loan to projects around the world to help support individuals and businesses who do not have access to conventional capital.  The return is your investment only, no interest.

https://www.lendingclub.com/  Lending Club offers personal loans of up to $40,000 and loans of up to $300,000 for businesses. Business loans are provided with one- to five-year loan terms and have a fixed interest rate. Their origination fees range from 1.99 to 8.99 percent with no penalties for paying the loan off early. For investors, just $1,000 will get you started on the site. You can automate the investment process or choose individual loans, and you also have the option of opening joint and trust accounts. 

https://www.thebalance.com/best-peer-to-peer-lending-companies-4580285 Here are list of some peer to peer lending companies.

https://ek4t.com/ Essential Knowledge for Transition by Marco Vangelisti.  Investing education and support for impact investing.


Gender Lens Investing:  Uncovering Opportunities for Growth Returns and Impact by Joseph Quinlan and Jackie VanderBrug

The Resilient Investor:  A Plan for Your Life, Not just Your Money by Hal Brill, Michael Kramer and Christopher Peck

Real Impact:  The New Economics of Social Change by Morgan Simon

Aburdene, P. (2012). Conscious money: Living, creating and investing with your values for a sustainable new prosperity. Atria Books/ Beyond Words. 
Conscious practices to align your money life with your values.

Eisenstein, C. (2011 revised 2021). Sacred economics: Money, gift and society in the age of transition. North Atlantic Books.
Historical view of economics with treatise on the need for a gift economy.

Emerson, J. (2018). The purpose of capital: Elements of impact, financial flows and natural being.  Blended Value Group Press.
A book on the purpose of capital, questioning the premise that we always need to make more money.

Mackey, J. and Sisodia, R. (2013). Conscious capitalism: Liberating the heroic spirit of business. Harvard Business Review Press.
Inspiring and interesting look at using business as a tool to improve the world for all stakeholders, investors, customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

Morris, J. M. and Paris, W. (2019). Buy the change you want to see: Use your purchasing power to make the world a better place. TarcherPerigee
A great reminder that we can purchase thoughtfully and impactfully.

Nemeth, M. PhD. (1999). The energy of money: Spiritual guide to financial and personal fulfillment. Wellspring/Ballantine.
Personal insight and practical exercises for financial wholeness.

Reif, A. (2019). The do gooder’s guide to investing: Grow your money while investing in affordable housing, renewable energy and local communities. Cedar & Sage Press.
An in depth look at the various options for values investing, targeted investing, online options and a brief course on Adrian’s investing secrets.

Shuman, M. (2020). Put your money where your life is: How to invest locally using self-directed IRA’s and Solo 401 (k)s. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
Focused on local investing

Simon, M. (2017). Real impact: The new economics of social change.  Nation Books.
Morgan heads a private fund and calls for looking at impact rather than return.

Stanny, B. (2014). Sacred success: A course in financial miracles. BenBella Books.
A book about money, success, power and women.

Tessler, B (2016). The art of money: A life changing guide to financial happiness. Parallax Press.
Savvy book about incorporating self-care, practical and financial work into your life.

Twist, L. (2003). The soul of money: Reclaiming the wealth of our inner resources. W.W Norton & Company.
Shows the need for changing attitudes towards money.


Prepared by Genevieve Mitchell
Conscious Money Facebook Group