By Genevieve Chavez Mitchell & Anne Key

Prayers to the Goddess

A Moon Cycle Devotion

Through daily meditations and morning and evening prayers, following the cycles of the Moon, this book supports our journey within and our connection to the Divine. The more we surrender to the process of inviting deeper awareness, the greater our ability to embrace ourselves in our totality. This book includes daily illustrations for the moon cycle, a daily moon inspiration, and prayers for the morning and evening.

Come, let the Moon and Her many phases guide your deepest self through the nurturing darkness into the clarity and purpose found in Her light!


Genevieve Mitchell

Genevieve Chavez Mitchell is an author, a facilitator of social change, and an artist. Genevieve’s background includes raising a family of four boys, business and non-profit consulting, natural health care, and money management.


This book, its meditations, and prayers, sing to my heart. Every initiate or priestess of the goddess should have this book by their bed.

Normandi Ellis, Dreams of Isis and Feasts of Light

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