Money, money, money!

What is conscious money?  Why does it matter?  How does it work?

I’m trying to answer those questions for myself.  Conscious money for me, right now is how I think about, use and interact with the economic world.  I am blessed, no doubt, to be able to have the resources to ponder these issues.  Money, economics, finance, investing, stewardship, consciousness, they are hard and complex questions.

My focus on money is about how I can use money to create a just, sustainable, thriving world for everyone.  In order to do that I think we need to consider our relationship with money, how we earn, spend, save and invest and how those decisions impact the world.

We live in an amazingly, diverse, incredibly complex and  astoundingly beautiful world.  We are also know of the dire challenges that face our planet, nature and people in these times.  What can be done?  My small part is to address some of these issues of money.  That’s the reason for this website, and for this blog.  If you would like to join in the conversation, please join me on Facebook in the Conscious Money Group, or Contact me here

Thanks for your interest, and joining me on this journey.


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