By Genevieve Chavez Mitchell

Sacred Money

The Power of Heart-Centered Finance

Sacred Money: The Power of Heart-Centered Finance takes us on an exploration to uncover and heal our money beliefs and update our money story using seasons of the year, rituals, and prayers.

Using practical exercises to organize our money and plan our financial life, let’s move from the me, more, mine consumer focus. Let’s include justice, sustainability, and the Earth as we earn, spend, save, and invest our money.


Genevieve Mitchell

Genevieve Chavez Mitchell is an author, a local activist, a global citizen, a conscious investor, and an artist. Genevieve’s background includes business and non-profit consulting, natural health care, and portfolio management. She and her husband manage their modest investment portfolio by investing in people and businesses that create a healthy, sustainable world. She is a proud mother and grandmother to her four sons and her four grandchildren. She co-authored the book Prayers to the Goddess: A Moon Cycle Devotion, with Anne Key.

Genevieve loves live music, being in nature, and her big, beautiful family. She’s an avid photographer and delights in hot mineral baths, good food, good friends, and good conversation. She is committed to a just, thriving, kind, regenerative Earth community. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband Paul.


It is deeply refreshing to find a grounded, practical and integrative approach to building a healthy relationship with money. Sacred Money provides both spiritual grounding and tactical advice. A must read for conscious entrepreneurs!

– Pamela Slim, author, Body of Work and The Widest Net


Too many sincere, hardworking people—especially women—still struggle to find a soulful, comprehensive approach to money. Well, here is a powerful and refreshing answer from Genevieve Chavez-Mitchell in Sacred Money! She shows us step-by-step how to discover our vision, align with our ethical values, and take practical actions – all with her loving ‘I’m your big sister right beside you’ vibe. This book is a masterpiece of emotional intimacy and financial practicality.

– Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, award-winning author, The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom, and Real Financial Power


There are many books on money and money management, but never has there been a book quite like Sacred Money that balances the practical and the spiritual so seamlessly. Chavez Mitchell has written an extraordinary book especially but not only for women – a book that grasps the deeper implications, ramifications, and consequences of money on our lives and relationship with the world, balances practical guidance with empowering affirmations and prayers, and is full of heart, wisdom, and vision for humanity. Understanding the urgency of moving from a “Me, More, Mine” paradigm to one that invests in humanity and the Earth, Chavez Mitchell has walked her talk, investing in her neighbors and community to move people out of debt and out of stuck patterns with money into a grace filled, sacred, complete, and whole life. It took a strong, mature, and fully conscious, loving woman to write this gem of a book—and Chavez Mitchell brings the wealth of her life experience to this labor of love. Indeed, the birth of this book feels like a sacred gift. In an era of mounting ecological crises and global insecurity, Chavez Mitchell brings a timely and healing message that deserves wide readership in book clubs and homes across the land.

– Glenn Aparicio Parry, two-time Nautilus award winning author of Original Thinking: A Radical ReVisioning of Time, Humanity and Nature and Original Politics: Making America Sacred Again

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