Genevieve Chavez Mitchell

is a global citizen, a local activist, and a conscious money catalyst. Her upcoming book Sacred Money: The Power of Heart-Centered Finance will be released in January 2024!

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New Book On The Way!

By Genevieve Chavez Mitchell

Sacred Money

The Power of Heart-Centered Finance

Sacred Money: The Power of Heart-Centered Finance takes us on an exploration to uncover and heal our money beliefs and update our money story using seasons of the year, rituals, and prayers.

Using practical exercises to organize our money and plan our financial life, let’s move from the me, more, mine consumer focus. Let’s include justice, sustainability, and the Earth as we earn, spend, save, and invest our money.

Financial Literacy

Earn, spend and save using your values

The New Economy

A just, sustainable thriving economy and world

Spirituality & Money

Connecting your heart to your money

Alternative Investing

Borrowing, lending and investing