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I have followed Kate Sutherland for a while.  I just read her new book, We Can Do This: 10 Tools to Unleash Our Collective Genius by Kate Sutherland.  I highly recommend the writing and the tools.  Kate has given us some grounding tools and collaboration tools to do our work!  Thank you Kate Sutherland!
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We are spiritual beings in a physical world, operating in an economic system.  As conscious, spiritual beings, how are we to choose, prioritize and act in a manner that honors ourselves, others, the natural world and future generations?  What are the ways we need to act to create a world that is just, sustainable and...
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We all have money beliefs, money stories, money fears and money challenges.  As a friend of mine said, “Everybody has got money stuff”.  But that doesn’t need to stop us from taking action, or healing our money pain. Where are you about money right now?  Think about it, breathe, come back into your body, breathe...
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